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LEARN SCREENWRITING without spending thousands on Film School


▫️ Learn CURRENT Screenwriting Skills – Fast!

▫️ Qualified, Experienced Film Teacher

▫️ Face-to-Face Course + Online Feedback Session

Does this sound like you?

Being a Screenwriter is my dream, but I don’t know where to start.

I’m confused and need to learn how to properly format a script.

I want to sell my script to Netflix or Stan – is this even possible?

Help! I need to adapt my book into a screenplay.

I’ve almost finished my script – what do I do next?

I have so many ideas, but what are Producers and buyers looking for?

You’re not alone!





Without Screenwriters, the film industry starves.

Can you imagine a world where streaming platforms fold from lack of content?

It may be difficult to envision – but, it IS possible. Remember the Hollywood Screenwriter Strike in 2008?

Screenwriters are an essential part of our society, as their concepts inspire, entertain and educate us from a young, impressionable age.

However, being a Screenwriter brings with it great responsibility.

You are responsible – and accountable – for avoiding lawsuits and writing with specific social/moral/ethical considerations in mind.

Screenwriters also need to be savvy with industry formatting standards, which can seem contradictory. (Have you Googled this topic? The online world is full of misinformation.)

If you write without first learning these foundational guidelines, you’re taking a HUGE RISK if you want to sell your work or get it made.

Producers and Agents regularly throw screenplays in the trash simply because they:

× Read like a novel

× Have the wrong font style, weight, size and elements

× Give the appearance of a shooting script with directions

× Don’t respect or reflect industry standard formatting.

There’s a great deal to learn about the screenwriting process – and many courses unnecessarily drag out the learning process over weeks or even months.

It’s important to avoid novice errors, as this is key to looking like you have more experience than you do. And if you want to get stuck into writing your script sooner, you could gather the screenwriting essentials in just a few days.


Learning Your Craft

You may have heard that film professionals aren’t keen on working with ‘first-timers’ because they ‘don’t know what they’re doing’ and/or they ‘have no IMDb credits’.

Learn Screenwriting

While this was true in the past, times are changing – fast.

Many industry professionals are now thirsty for fresh creative blood (especially since COVID).

This is why doing the proper groundwork NOW, i.e. learning screenwriting essentials, plus how to take a practical, holistic approach to the craft, is more likely to result in your script landing in front of decision makers who are hungry for new, exciting content.

Taking a holistic approach means you become fully mindful of your intentions, responsibilities, audience, and applying industry standards fluidly.

It’s where you gravitate towards a seamless merge of artistic and formulaic elements – and you can choose to take months or years to learn this, or you can do it in just a few days.

When you appreciate what your Screenwriter’s voice sounds like, you can confidently:

→ Develop engaging concepts
→ Articulate a cinematic story
→ Avoid unwanted legal and ethical issues
→ Hit the ‘beats’ in your story
→ Use industry standard formatting
→ Bend outdated Hollywood regulations and formulas to honour your writing style
→ Connect with your target audience
→ Create effective loglines, synopses and treatments
→ Know how to pitch your story
+ so much more.

In the words of a famous Screenwriter:

“Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn’t, but it should be.”

– Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie, Screenwriter

Your Next Step

You are in the right place if you want to level up your Screenwriting skills – fast.

It IS possible for you to transform from an average (potentially unnoticeable) Screenwriter who has little idea about the film industry, into one who delivers strong stories worthy of being optioned for REAL MONEY in a shorter space of time.


If you’re keen to QUICKLY learn screenwriting essentials:

in a face-to-face environment

from a professional, qualified teacher with current film industry knowledge

√ saving thousands of dollars and loads of time, compared to some hyped film schools

in a supportive environment where you’re encouraged to share your unique ideas for feedback

so you can ultimately pitch your finished script to Agents and Producers

PLUS, experience a Writer’s Room setup



YOU ARE READY for this 3-Day Screenwriting Intensive!

Gothic Zen Studios’

3-Day Screenwriting Intensive

You will receive…

Screenwriting Course - Gold Coast

Face-to-Face classes

The first part of your 3-Day Screenwriting Intensive journey will involve face-to-face learning.

Over 2 full days, you will learn all the screenwriting essentials you need:

  • How to translate your story into a formatted script
  • Current industry trends and standards
  • Why taking a holistic approach is your secret sauce
  • How to generate interest when pitching your story concept
  • + so much more.

Small classes sizes ensure your MAXIMUM learning.

These interactive sessions are run by Goran Zivanovic – a qualified Teacher, award-winning Writer and Film Professional.


The next part of your journey involves an online group feedback session.

It is here that you will have the opportunity to briefly pitch your concept and have your original script read to receive constructive feedback. With a cinematic approach in mind, you will also give valuable feedback to your peers.

You’ll find this online experience VITAL for developing confidence as a Screenwriter!

It will help prepare you for those real-life, heart-pounding moments when you pitch your final your script to Producers or Agents.

NB: Once you complete this course, you can attend these Writer’s Room sessions as much as you like in the future – for FREE.

Learning Modules

An Introduction to Cinematic Storytelling

What’s the purpose of Cinematic Storytelling and how does it influence people’s lives? As a Screenwriter, you have much more power than you might think, and we’ll explore the importance of this here.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Learn how to recognise ‘danger zones’ when screenwriting, as well as the importance of Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) laws.

Screenwriters and the Film Industry

Understand the film production hierarchy, cast and crew positions, and how they relate to you as a Screenwriter.

Bending The Rules

Some film schools won’t go there …

Learn how to expand beyond restricted Hollywood formulas and bend the rules by harnessing the art of screenwriting. Once you know how to do this, your ability as a Screenwriter expands and your potential to create unique, marketable scripts increases.

Developing an Engaging Story

All great stories have identifiable elements that keep an audience connected. Learn step-by-step what these are, as well as how you can use them to your advantage.

Loglines, Synopses, Treatments and more

In this interactive module, you’ll discover how to craft effective Loglines, Synopses and Treatments so you can professionally pitch your script to industry professionals.

Knowing how to take a modern approach and tailor these documents to your production type, e.g., Film, Documentary, Series, strengthens your position, and potential, as a Screenwriter.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Discover how deeply understanding your target audience is a key ingredient for getting your screenplay noticed by Producers and funding bodies.

The Psychology of a Scene

Learn how psychological elements in a scene trigger emotional responses in the reader. Using appropriate settings, actions, props, colours, sounds etc., helps your script become a visual concept to any reader, including the Director – but, how much is too much? We’ll explore the spectrum of not enough and too much.

Creating Interesting Characters

Learn practical techniques for creating characters your audience will become obsessed with. This is key to having your viewers stick around until the very last scene.

Structure, it’s More than a Formula

In this module, you’ll learn the classic 3 Act Structure in a uniquely simplified way, as well as other structural frameworks. You’ll also learn why some audiences prefer non-traditional writing rules with their popcorn.

Screenwriting Software

Not all Screenwriting Programs are created equal. This module shows you your options, so you save time and money by choosing the one/s best suited for you and your unique needs.

Industry Standard Screenwriting Formatting

There are clear standards the professional screenwriting industry expects you to follow when you write, and there are also murky opinions. If you don’t know the essential basics, you might fall prey to the abundance of MISINFORMATION online and continue to tread water. This module teaches you to swim and guides you to best practices of script formatting.

Film Budgets

As a Screenwriter, you must have an idea of your film’s budget if you intend to pitch to Agents, Directors or other representatives looking to produce scripts. This module shows you how to estimate budgets so you can respond to the appropriate professionals who have a budget set in their pitch callouts.

Pitching Explained!

The film pitching process has changed significantly since COVID-19. You’ll learn the latest changes and trends for pitching film concepts during these evolving times, plus professional tips for pitching effectively. The template you receive will be invaluable for helping you make informed decisions about your pitching needs.

Further Study and Support Networks

You will receive resources and contact details for websites, organisations and support groups that will help you advance your screenwriting objectives.

*BONUS* - Online Feedback Session

Two weeks after your face-to-face classes, you have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned during a fun and interactive pitch and script-read session. Have up to 12 pages read and receive constructive feedback from your peers and trainer.

As a group, we’ll consider if your story holds the reader’s attention, what is gold and what might need polishing. Is it marketable? This is an important collaborative process where you have the opportunity to improve your story structure, formatting and dialogue with the intention of creating a successful screenplay sale. It also teaches the screenwriter how to give constructive criticism of other people’s work in non-judgemental, creative environment.

Your Teacher

Goran Zivanovic

Goran Zivanovic

*Screenwriter, Qualified Teacher, Creative Director at Gothic Zen Studios*


Goran Zivanovic created the 3-Day Screenwriting Intensive after spending years teaching at an international RTO (Registered Training Organisation) Film School and consulting with other film schools for legal and quality competence.

During his time teaching, Goran learned that meeting RTO requirements, and educating students about need-to-know industry practices, were often two different things. He was well aware that much of the syllabus he was obliged to cover did not align with current Screenwriting trends and practices, so he chose to squeeze in the extra work, so his students received the up-to-date education they deserved.

Goran’s honest and holistic approach clearly resonated with students, as he regularly received 5/5 reviews on feedback forms. Outstanding feedback also prompted the former Australian Director of the Film School to observe his classes, in an attempt to understand why he was so well respected.

As a passionate and award-winning Writer, qualified Filmmaker, and accredited Teacher, Goran’s written multiple feature films and helped many clients achieve their aspirations. Goran’s latest screenplays utilise his holistic Screenwriting approach, and they have also acted as the testing ground for this course. One of these screenplays has been pitched in the 2MM-5MM production range and is under consideration with several production houses. The other is in pre-production and will be independently filmed.

When you meet Goran during the 3-Day Screenwriting Intensive, you’ll feel his passion for teaching. You’ll also recognise his ability and genuine desire to encourage you on your journey to screenwriting success, no matter if you’re starting out or advanced in this subjective art of cinematic storytelling.


What stands out to me the most about Goran in his Screenwriting lectures, is that he’s able to appeal to anyone’s experience/skill level and able to expand their knowledge and practice. Would absolutely recommend Goran to ANY creative wanting to get their Screenwriting caps on.


Screenwriting Student

Engaging and knowledgeable, Goran makes learning screenwriting fun and simple to understand.

Stephen O.

Screenwriter, Director, Producer

An exceptional teacher! Well structured and engaging classes. Grateful for the experience.


Actor and Screenwriting Student

Goran’s humble nature guided me on my journey, and his experience and compassion have tuned him into a Mentor of mine! The writing knowledge, and skills I now possess, I owe to Goran! I cannot thank him enough for the effort he puts in day in, day out – 12/10.


Screenwriting Student, Visual Artist

Through G’s gentle yet assertive approach, he created an environment that allowed ideas to flourish and the next generation of Screenwriters to begin their journey on a positive note, holding all the tools they need for a prosperous career within the creative industry.


Screenwriting Student

Goran was an absolute legend! He took the time to reach out to each and everyone of us, there was no such thing as a bad idea and he helped us polish and focus our writing skills, or lack thereof. I am so grateful I had the chance to experience his teaching, as it has given me the confidence to take up writing seriously.


Filmmaking Student and Budding Screenwriter


Do I need screenwriting experience to attend?

No. If you don’t have any previous screenwriting experience or knowledge, that’s no problem as this course begins with the basics. All you need is a passion for storytelling.

Who is this course suitable for?
  • Adults who are passionate about storytelling
  • Authors who want to convert their books into film-ready screenplays
  • Actors who want to learn screenwriting
  • Storytellers who struggle to go from concept to application
  • Screenwriters who need a modern approach refresher
Is this course suitable for advanced Screenwriters?

These classes are designed to be the foundation of the latest practices and include a bit of crystal-balling of industry trends. Some screenwriting practices are set in stone and slow to change. If you are an advanced screenwriter, this would be more of a refresher course, plus and an opportunity to further develop your technique from a different mindset.

What do I need to bring to class?

A laptop to take notes and conduct a little in-class research. You will also need a screenwriting program of your choice. There are free options available, such as Fade In, that you might like to try if you don’t own one. An empty USB is always handy too.

Will I be able to pitch to Producers, Directors or Agents during the online Masterclass?

No. This session is designed to help you practice your pitching skills. The intention with this session is to provide a safe environment for you to hone your pitching skills so that, when the time comes to pitch to professionals, you know what’s expected of you and feel confident you can deliver.

Does completing this course guarantee I’ll get my script sold?

No. This 3-Day Screenwriting Intensive will teach you how to write a script and pitch it in a way that could appeal to industry professionals; however, selling your complete script will be up to you. Screenwriting is a competitive industry and, as with everything, there are no guarantees within it. We want to see you succeed though and promise to support you as best we can.

How long is the Online Feedback Session?

Depending on numbers and workflow, this class is up to six hours of readings and feedback.


3-Day Screenwriting Intensive

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Screenwriting Course - Gold Coast

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I personally enjoy screenwriting and exploring story/character ideas quite a lot, and having you as a Screenwriting teacher has definitely increased my passion and appreciation towards screenwriting even more. When it came to asking advice regarding scripts, you always gave me helpful feedback that helped me improve as a writer.


Screenwriting Student

Screenwriting Course - Gold Coast

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Gothic Zen Studios is a small film production house on the Gold Coast that specialises in concept development and screenwriting.

Established in 2013 by Goran and Clare Zivanovic, Gothic Zen has worked with clients around the globe and seen their work on big networks like FOX. Passionate about educating future storytellers, Gothic Zen Studios is proud to present the 3-Day Screenwriting Intensive to those ready to learn what it takes to be taken seriously as a Screenwriter.

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