Master Screenwriting with Traditional Workflows and AI Insights

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78 Video Lessons

7+ hours of Learning

Tasks, Exercises and Resources

Complete Screenwriting Course with GothicZen Studios and Goran Zivanovic

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of screenwriting with our in-depth course. We’ll provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in the industry. From mastering industry-standard formatting and structure to delving into the nuances of copyright and intellectual property, we cover it all!

Explore the art of pitching, story development, and the thrilling world of re-imagining existing narratives. Our course includes complimentary ongoing updates and resources, keeping you in tune with the constantly evolving field of screenwriting.

Unlock your creativity and fly your freak flag in film and television!

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  1. Unveiling the Essence of Screenwriting and Exploring AI Workflows Creatively


  1. Unveiling the Future of Screenwriting: Taking the Challenge


  1. AI Assets to Consider for Storytellers


  1. Free AI Options for Writers: Includes TASK


  1. Mastering AI Commands and Options: Includes TASK


  1. Mastering AI Continuity Within a Creative Session: Includes TASK


  1. Originality Alongside Audio-visual AI: Includes TASK


  1. Authentic Writer’s Voice and Challenges: Introduction


  1. Honouring Your Writer’s Voice and Personal Experiences: Handout and Resource


  1. The Art of Remixing: Handout and Resource


  1. Your Unique Selling Point: Exercises and Handout


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Step 1 TASK


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Step 2 Genre TASK


  1. Genre Bending: Exercise and Resources


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Step 3 Plot TASK


  1. Don’t Lose the Plot: Resource


  1. Exploring Theme: Resource


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Step 4 Character and Story Title TASK


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay Step 5: Antagonist Problem, Irony, Logline, TASK


  1. Character Driven and Plot Driven Productions


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Step 6 Logline and Tone TASK and Resource


  1. Structure and Acts: Introduction


  1. Flexibility in Structure and the Three-Act Format


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Step 7 Three Acts TASK and Resource


  1. Story Arcs and Hero’s Journey Using AI-Assist: Introduction


  1. Character Essence: Character Arc Metamorphosis Template and Exercise


  1. The Power of Improv: Old-School Style Exercise and Resource


  1. AI Assisted Character Development and Prompts: Plagiarism TASK


  1. Alternative AI Story Generator: Character Plot Exercise


  1. AI Assisted Weighty Outline: Introduction


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Crafting Characters, Plot, and Structure for Act 1 TASK


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Stakes, Turning Points, Story Outline for Acts 2 & 3 TASK


  1. AI Assisted Screenplay: Synopsis and Treatment TASK and Resource


  1. Prelude to Screenplay Formatting: Introduction


  1. Online Scripts vs Real Spec Scripts


  1. Best Screenwriting Programs: What is Really Adequate?


  1. Page Size, Font, and Running Time: Guidelines


  1. Two Styles of Film and Two Styles of Script Formats: Fiction and Documentary


  1. Film and Television Formatting: The “Act” Element


  1. Slugline vs Scene Heading: What’s the difference?


  1. Is “FADE IN” a thing?


  1. Master Scene Heading: Interior, Exterior, or something else?


  1. Master Scene Heading: Location


  1. Master Scene Heading: Day, Night or something else?


  1. Master Scene Heading: Extensions


  1. Master Scene Headings: Different Visual Appearance


  1. Super and Pre-lap


  1. ACTION: Flashback Example


  1. ACTION: Character Introductions


  1. ACTION: Characters, Sounds, Props, Symbols, and Motifs


  1. NOTES TO READER: Appearance, Language, and Character Changes


  1. SHOTS & POV: Don’t tell the Director what to do!


  1. TIME: Writing Passages of Time Within a Scene


  1. FOLLOWING ACTION; SUBHEADINGS: Where is the camera located?


  1. CHARACTER NAMES: Parentheses, Extensions, and Simultaneous Dialogue


  1. CHARACTER NAMES: Extensions (CONT’D), (O.S) and (V.O.)


  1. CHARACTER NAMES: Extensions, Telephone, TV and More


  1. Parenthetical (Wryly): Action Example


  1. Animals and Children: Script Considerations and Logistics


  1. DIALOGUE: Tools


  1. Chyrons, Speech Bubbles, and Phone Text


  1. BEATS: Avoid Lazy Screenwriting


  1. White Space: It’s Not a Manuscript


  1. Writing Conventions






  1. Ending a Screenplay and Considering Film Credits


  1. Title Page


  1. Screenwriting Software Save and Backup


  1. Stay Alert to Future Changes of Modern Screenplay Formatting


  1. Television Series Bible


  1. Intellectual Property, Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), Copyright, Trademarks


  1. Intellectual Property (IP) + Copyright Registration


  1. AI Script: Exploring AI Options and Performance Part 1


  1. AI Script: Exploring AI Options and Performance Part 1


  1. AI Written Script Final Conclusion: + Free Bonus Lessons Announced


  1. Director’s Choice Scene Example


  1. Directing Actors Scene Tip





Goran’s students come from various professions and skill levels.

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Try our 5-Star “Mastering Modern Screenplay Formatting: Simple Steps” On-demand Video Option


36 Video Lessons

2 hours of Learning

Tasks, Exercises and Resources

Industry Standard Screenplay Formatting Course GothicZen and Goran Zivanovic

Goran’s students come from various professions and skill levels.

Goran Zivanovic Learn Screenwriting

Teaching Traits

Goran possesses a remarkable talent for building personal connections with students, fostering an inclusive and nurturing learning environment that empowers everyone to embrace their unique creativity. With a refreshing approach that sidesteps the complexities of conventional film school jargon, Goran prioritizes practical techniques, real-world illustrations, and staying up-to-date with the industry’s cutting-edge developments.

Learn Screenwriting Spec Scripts with Goran Zivanovic GothicZen® Studios Jabade Brown-oakes
Learn Screenwriting Spec Scripts with Goran Zivanovic GothicZen® Studios Janaya Randall

Conceptualizing Beyond Trends

Beyond his academic credentials and awards in the film arts, Goran’s teaching style is what truly sets him apart. He’s always expanding his knowledge, collaborating with industry professionals, and incorporating the latest trends and techniques into his curriculum.

Meet the Crew

Mischievous and Philosophical

Embark on an exhilarating voyage through the realm of screenwriting with AL-I, where students explore technical intricacies intertwined with cosmic humour. Beyond unravelling the essentials of screenplay elements and narrative crafting, AL-I transcends as a keen observer of human existence, fostering a connection to students’ innermost desires.

AL-I isn’t the product of artificial intelligence; the character was forged from Goran’s boundless creativity and mastery of Adobe tools, breathing life into AL-I on the screen. For an in-depth glimpse into new worlds, click on one of the course links on this website and commence a captivating expedition.

Calming and Studious

During her meditation, Clare, also known as the ‘Crystal Girl’, embarked on an incredible journey into a parallel world of screenwriting. Guided by AL-I, a friendly alien mentor, she was assured of not only her safety but also her importance to Goran’s Screenwriting Courses. Quickly grasping the teachings, Clare adeptly supported AL-I and Goran in leading different modules of the “Master Screenwriting: Traditional Workflows and AI Insights” course.

Emerging from her meditation, Clare felt empowered and inspired, eager to unleash her creative talents and bring her own captivating worlds to life for audiences to appreciate.

Former Students Say:

On-demand Screenwriting Course

Very specific on formatting, which is exactly what I need! Goran explains and demonstrates formatting with clarity. It’s a great toolkit to have and refer to when you want the professional look for pitching.

On-demand Screenwriting Course

I have never written a script before but was always curious because I write short stories and poetry. My friend made a short film with her friends so I wanted to learn to write one. This is a simple to follow course and I will now try and write a screenplay version of a short story I wrote. There is a lot to unpack and he makes it easier with good examples too. Very good for a beginner like me.

On-demand Screenwriting Course

I cannot believe the bargain price and quality of this course! It is so difficult to find a comprehensive screenwriting course that has AI-assisted components. This one has that and much more. Thank you Goran, Alien and Clare. It has helped me put together a system where I can use AI to help me through some sticky bits of screenplay story. AI is here to stay. This course is great because it is a hands on approach to the good and not so productive areas of language learning models. 5+ STARS

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