AI-Infused Screenwriting Masterclass FAQ


AI Screenwriting Masterclass FAQ

Is the screenwriting course only AI focussed?

Not at all. The strength in this AI Screenwriting Masterclass is in workflow flexibility. It is designed to keep professional aspects of Film Industry Standards intact whilst offering crucial lessons, such as Screenplay Formatting, Pitching and so on. It is up to the learner which road they wish to take regarding the AI alternative universe.

Can you guarantee that I will sell my script?

No. The film production industry is a competitive market. Doing this AI screenwriting course does not mean you will sell a script; however, with practice and determination, you will look more professional and deliver a higher standard of work, which might attract buyers during a pitching process.

If I do this course, will you give me feedback on my script?

There will be opportunities where students can share parts of their work for feedback. This includes live online meetups after more writers join this AI screenwriting community.

Can I give this AI Screenwriting course to someone else?

Each purchase of the AI-Assisted Screenwriting course is registered for one individual only. You can buy the course and gift it to someone else.

Can I use any of this material elsewhere, such as teaching?

No part of this course can be repurposed or copied, unless you have permission to do so in writing by the copyright holder. This is an exclusive screenwriting course presented by GothicZen® Studios that took years to perfect and contains specific non AI Intellectal Property. You may contact GothicZen® Studios with any legal requests: [email protected]

Do I have to pay extra to access bonus material in this screenwriting masterclass?

No. This is a one time only payment and all other lessons that are added comes with that screenwriting bundle. You have access to all future inclusions and upgrades in the AI-infused Screenwriting Masterclass at no extra cost to you.

Do you accept manuscripts?

No. We currently do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Do you provide film funding of any kind?

No. We are not in a position to fund projects.

Is there a refund policy for the AI Screenwriting Masterclass?

Refunds are only given under exceptional circumstances and on a case by case basis. There is no guarentee a refund will be provided, especially beyond the 1st day of purchase. We ask that you highly consider if this course is right for you prior to payment commitment. We take great care in providing a highly valued and specific couse structure and students are aware of what they are being delivered and the outcomes expected.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes. Some things we do include post production for example via GothicZen® Studios. If you have a specific task needed, please fill in the form and send us your query if it is film related in any way.

We no longer produce or direct other people’s work.

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